Saturday, November 25, 2006

The coop, the whole coop, and nothing but the coop

Long time, no post. It has been a really long time since I have posted anything. Lots of stuff has been going on, I just have been a slacker. Here is a quick rundown of some thing that have been going on. I started my new position at the VA. I now work in the urology clinic, which means I deal with a lot of penises and problems like erectile dysfunction, and prostates. But, overall this is a good thing because it is a lot less stressful and I get all weekends and holiday's off, so I will have Christmas off for the first time in like 4 years. Speaking of holidays, we went to my aunt's house in Mountain Home for Thanksgiving. It was fun to see family we had not seen in a while. But, the main thing I have been doing the past couple of weeks is working on building a new chicken coop. The old chicken coop is rotting and not in very good shape. It is so bad the chickens don't even like it, seriously they won't go in there. So, I decided to build a new one. I decided to build it where the old hippy bath house was(the building we called the fishing shack because it is next to the pond). Hippies used to own this property a long time ago and this building they used as a bath house and pumped in pond water to clean themselves. You gotta love hippies. Anyway, I burned down the fishing shack and rebuilt the new chicken coop in the same place. The best part of this whole project was burning the old fishing shack, it made a big fire and I almost caught the forest on fire (Smokey would not be happy). Overall it turned out pretty good, I still have a few things to do on it but overall it is complete. All I need now is more chickens.

Old chicken coop-

Old fishing shack (aka hippy bath house) -

Burning fishing shack (aka burning hippy bath house) notice the woods catching on fire in the left background-

New chicken coop in progress -

Finished chicken coop -

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Deere, John Deere

I have a tractor. No, it is not mine, I am just baby-sitting it. It is actually Margo's parents'; it was originally Margo's mom's dad's (Margo's grandfather's). I don't remember what year it is, but it is somewhere in the 1946 or 1947 range I think. Margo's dad recently had a mennonite guy he knows fix it up so it looks nice and will run good. Anyway, Margo's dad lives in town and he decided to bring it out to my place where I might can use it a little on the farm. I am really excited to have it, not just because it is useful but because it is really fun to just drive around on. It is so old it has a crank start on it, the thing that you wind around in a circle on the front to get it started. I had never used one of those before, it was really fun. Even though new tractors are really nice and can do a lot, I like the old antique ones better I think, they are just a lot of fun to use.