Monday, June 29, 2009


About a week ago, we bought two more nanny goats. We needed a couple more to complete our herd. These two that we bought are Nubian cross. Nubian goats are dual purpose breeds but tend to be used more for their milk than meat. Since they are not full blood nubian it is hard to know if they will be useful as milk goats or not. We think it would be nice to have a dairy goat at some point in order to have some goat milk. Who knows, maybe one of these will turn out to be a good milker. They seem to be really nice goats so far. One cool thing about these two is their coloration. Here are some pics.

My favorite is the black one with brown markings, her coloring is really cool.

Here is a close up of the black one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Veggies and Heat

The garden has just started to get really cranking. We have canned 40 cans of green beans so far. We have also been getting squash, zucchini, peppers, and cucumbers. Hopefully we will can some pickles this weekend. The tomatoes, corn, watermelon, and cantaloupe are doing really well also. There is only one problem. We are having one heck of a hot and dry spell. The weather right now is more like late July or early August. It is like 10 degrees hotter than normal. We have been in the upper 90's for over a week now and it is supposed to continue to be that hot as far as the meteorologist can foresee. This would be ok if we were getting rain but we are not and once again the meteorologist does not predict rain any time soon. The garden and plants are really starting to dry out. Usually I don't have to water for another month. Even our grass is starting to die. If we go a couple more weeks without rain I will have to start feeding hay in the summer.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One more day

The Razorbacks did not play today. There next game is tomorrow evening. So, we decided to do some other things in Omaha. This morning we went to the Zoo because we heard it is really good. It is right next door to the stadium where the college world series is going on. It was a pretty good zoo. I don't think it was the best we have been to but it was in the top few. We did get to see a one day old sea lion which was pretty cool. After the zoo we went over to the stadium and went to the North Carolina vs. Arizona State game. We did not stay for all of it since we don't have any connection to either of the teams and did not really care who won. The razorbacks have already beat Arizona State twice this year. After we left the game we went to a local ice cream place. It is called Ecreamery. They are doing an ice cream world series where they make up a special ice cream treat for each of the teams in the CWS and the one that gets bought the most wins the ice cream world series. We saw about it on an Omaha local news station yesterday. We got the Arkansas Razorback one of course which was vanilla ice cream with butterfinger and toffee pieces with peanut butter chips and red sprinkles. It was pretty good. After that we came back to the not so Super 8 and took a nap. For dinner we went to a local seafood restaurant that was really good. Tomorrow the plan is to go to the Razorback game at 6pm and then drive home after the game. Which means we will get home between 3am-4am. We need to go to work on Tuesday so that is going to be a rough turn around. There is a good chance of rain tomorrow so if the game gets postponed even a little while we will probably have to go ahead and come on home and miss the game. So, hopefully it won't rain and we won't fall asleep at the wheel.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Awesome Game

Today was the first day of the College World Series and the first game was the Razorbacks vs. Cal State Fullerton. We had general admission tickets, which are all in the outfield. At the CWS they oversell the general admission tickets and the tickets are good for any game. Therefore, it is first come first serve on seats. They stop letting people in when the seats are full. We were unsure how early we would have to get in line to make sure and get seats so we decided to go really early. We got in line about 3.5 hours before game time, which is 1.5 hours before they even let you in the stadium. We were semi close to the front of the line and got pretty good seats. We were in right field on the second row for half the game and then the first row for the rest of the game after some people left. It was a great game for the razorbacks. We were the underdogs but we played really well and ended up winning 10-6. Now we play our second game on Monday at 6pm. We have decided to stay for that game and come home after it is over. That will put us getting home between 3am and 4am. And we need to go to work on Tuesday so that is going to be a rough day. But, it is one of those once in a blue moon things so we are up for it. After the game we went back to the hotel to wash off the layers of sunscreen and then went to Omaha's downtown area for dinner. It was a pretty nice area, it looked like they are working on revitalizing it. We ate at a pretty good brewery and then went and got some coffee at a coffee shop. Now for some pics from the game.

Proof that we really are here (I think Russ thought we were just putting him on)

This is during the game

Here is the final scoreboard showing our win

Friday, June 12, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

Guess where we are? Margo and I came up with the crazy idea this week to go to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. The Razorbacks are in it this year which is awesome. We checked into tickets and motels and we were able to find a motel in Omaha even though we just decided a couple days ago to come. We left after work today and just arrived a little bit ago. It took us right at 6 hours. The Razorbacks play Cal State Fullerton tomorrow at 1pm and then win or loose they will play again on Monday. So, we are going to stay for the game on Monday and then drive home. We are going to try to hit some other games as well. We got a booklet of 10 tickets that we can use for any games. There are 8 teams in the tournament. The motel we are staying at is a Super 8. Super 8 is not so super but it will do for this trip.

This is one of the scary treasures in our room. I am trying to dare Margo into sitting in it.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Sky

We had a pretty big storm come through last night around 7:30 or so. We got some much needed rain which was good. After the storm passed, it was still cloudy but the setting sun was pushing some light through the clouds. It made the sky a crazy red/pink/purple/orange color. It was amazing, I have never seen the sky that color before. I took some pictures which turned out ok but they do not do it justice. I hope some of you in NWA got to see it last night, it was awesome. Here are a couple pics. Have I mentioned that it was amazing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garden Update

The garden is doing pretty good. For some reason, I have had a problem with my corn this year. I hope it turns out okay in the end but it has been struggling. Everything else seems to be doing pretty good. We have small green tomatoes on the vine and we should have squash and zucchini towards the end of this week. I am happy it is the time of year again for fresh veggies. Here are things that we got this week.

We harvested our garlic a couple days ago. It turned out pretty good. I planted less this year because I had way to much last year. Our favorite way to store it is to take the skins off the cloves and then put the cloves through a food processor to chop it up. Then we put it in zip lock bags, flatten it out and freeze it. Whenever we need some for cooking we just break off a piece of frozen chopped up garlic and use it. It works really well this way and is a lot easier to store and use.

Yesterday we picked our first green beans of the season, and this evening we canned them.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A tale of two billies

It seems that the Farm of Hale as acquired two billies. We don't need two billies for any reason, one does the job just fine. But "need" and "want" are two different things. Here is the story. We needed a new billy goat for this year. We are keeping some of our girl babies from this past year so we can not keep the billy we had because he would be breeding his daughters. And nobody wants that. So, we needed a new billy. We came across one in the paper for sale that I really wanted. He is a 50% Kiko billy. Kiko is a breed of goat that I really like and would like to get in to. I went and looked at him and he was for sale for a pretty decent price so I bought him. Here he is...

I think he is going to be a really big goat. He is only about 4 months old and he is triple the size of our four month old goats. I am excited to see how big he gets. We decided to name him Albi. His name is actually longer than that but Margo won't let me put it on here so if you want to know you will have to email me or ask me in person. You can probably figure it out and understand where the name comes from if you click here.

Now for the story of billy number two. I was talking to one of our neighbors about buying some of their sheep. They also have a couple dairy goats and they had a male kid born this year that was a really good looking goat. I commented on how good he looked and they asked if I wanted him. I told them I had a billy already. They said they would make me a really good deal. They would like to keep him but they wanted to wait a year before they start using him for breeding. So, if I would house him for a year for them I could use him to breed to my goats this year for free. You may ask, why do I want this billy when I just bought a billy. Well, here is my thinking. I can breed this dairy breed billy to my goats this year and the babies will be half dairy goat and half meat goat which I think would be good to have. So, I would keep any girl babies that he has with my current nanny goats. They would be good mothers and if I wanted I might be able to milk them as well. Then I could breed those half dairy half meat goats to my half kiko and they should produce the ultimate baby goat. At least that is what I hope. I know all of this sounds crazy to you, but to me it sounds fun.

Here is billy number two that we will breed to our goats this year. His name was Valentine because he was born on Valentine's Day. We thought he needed a more manly name so we changed it to Valentino. He is really nice.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Fence and Learn to Farm Day

We put up a new cross fence last week. We had been using an electric fence as a cross fence but it did not work out as well as we wanted. It did not work for the things we really needed it for like weaning the baby goats and keeping the billy goat away from the nanny goats when we did not want them breeding. They would go right through in those instances when they really wanted to. So, we finally decided to build a real cross fence. We put it up pretty fast, it took us about four evenings after work. I am really happy to have a good cross fence, it really helps a lot and it looks a lot better than the electric fence. Here is a pic.

I also wanted to announce another Learn to Farm day this Saturday. We will be fixing fence. We have one more section of fence that we need to fix that was damaged in the ice storm. This will require taking down the section that is messed up and putting up a new section and stretching it. At the same time I need to cut down a tree that is behind the chicken coop that is dieing. The only direction that I can make the tree fall is in the direction of this fence that needs to be fixed. So, I am going to cut it in the middle of taking down the old fence and putting up the new. If any of you are interested in learning how to put of fence or want to help cut a tree in a very precise direction you should come on out to the farm. We are planning on doing this on Saturday morning so if you want to help let us know.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Fresh From the Garden

Sugar Snap Peas!!!!!!!!!!!!!