Monday, May 10, 2010

New Animals

The past few weeks, I have been getting rid of some of my animals. Every year, I adjust my herd a little. This year so far I have gotten rid of a few of my goats and my all of my ewe sheep. I had not planned on buying any to replace them anytime soon because as you know, we are trying to sell our house. I am not sure how many animals we will be able to take with us. My plan did not last very long because I came across some new goats and sheep that I could not pass up. I bought two young female goats that were born this year. The main reason I bought them is because they are dairy goats and I got a good deal on them. We have been contemplating doing some dairy goats for a while and now we are set. After they have babies next year, we will be able to do some milking if we want. These two are half Nubian, one quarter Alpine, and one quarter Oberhasli. We got these two in Huntsville and on the farm where we bought them they also had Katahdin sheep which is one of the kinds of sheep we wanted to replace the ones we got rid of. The ones we got rid of were Barbados and were pretty wild. Katahdin are naturally more calm. Our ram is Katahdin and we really like him. Anyway, we were able to buy a couple of ewe lambs from the same place we got the goats. We got a solid white one and a white/red one. With our black ram, we should have some pretty colorful kids. Now I just have to figure out what I will do with them if we move. Here are some pics of the four new ones together.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Last week, our kitty Spot had three baby kittens. This is the third time for her to have kittens. The first two times she just had one kitten, which is kind of weird, and neither of them survived. Anyway, these kittens are pretty cute. Their eyes aren't quite opened yet. If any of you want a kitten, let us know.

Here they are

Also, in honor of our new kittens I thought I would put a few of our favorite cat related youtube videos on here.