Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Vacation

Let me start by apologizing for the lack of posting on our blog. Life is definitely more busy as Esther gets older (I can't imagine what it will be like with two). And we have been extra busy the past month or so with hardly any extra time to do anything. But, I am hoping that I can start posting more often on here.
Back to the main point. Last week we took a little vacation. Margo was having to go to Pennsylvania to speak at the Mother Earth News Fair and her work was paying her way. So, we decided to pay for me a ticket and take Esther with us and stay for some extra days. We figured this would probably be our last vacation for while since Clara is coming soon and man on man defense is going to be much tougher than 2 on 1. We decided to fly to Cleveland and stay with my sister for most of the week. The conference was only 2-3 hours from her house and we only had to be there for a couple days. We also decided to tack on a trip to Niagara falls for a couple days with is 3-4 hours from my sisters house. And my sister was even nice enough to keep Esther while we were in Niagara.
For now, I will just post one picture. Esther and her first plane ride. I will post more pictures and description of our trip in the next few days, we still need to get some pictures developed from our waterproof camera we took to Niagara.