Thursday, December 28, 2006

Santa vs. Jesus

Well, Christmas is over and I am happy about that. Overall it was pretty good. Here is a quick rundown of what we did. We hung out with friends on Friday night at John’s house in honor of the Tokar’s being in town. On Saturday, we picked up Annie and Walt at the airport and drove them down to Mena and stayed until Sunday. This was a lot of fun. We love hanging out with Walt and Annie and some of my favorite people to visit are her parents. You just feel good and when you are at their house and hanging out with them. It is like you don’t have a care in the world and you are just happy. I hope someday that people will feel like that when they come to our house. On Sunday night we went to Margo’s grandmother’s house and hung out with her family and then to her parent’s house to open presents. On Monday, all of my family came to our house and we cooked a big meal and opened presents. It was a very busy weekend and overall it went pretty good.
I do have some issues with Christmas. It is getting to be a little to much with the Santa Clause and all the presents. It seems like there is so much pressure on getting presents and getting the right one. And kids these days just want more and more and bigger and more expensive. I find it ridiculous that people go in debt over buying presents for their kids. I wish we would concentrate more on Jesus (of course) but also more on family. I like getting presents for people and receiving presents but there has got to be a better way. Maybe we should only be allowed to give each person one gift and that gift has to be something you make yourself. I told Margo the other day that we really need to come up with how we are going to treat Christmas once we have kids because I don’t want it to be like it is for a lot of families. One thing is for sure, my kids will not be taught that Santa Clause is real. I don’t want them to believe that if they are good all year than this jolly guy comes down in a sleigh with his flying reindeer and brings them presents. I would much rather teach them Jesus and make them excited about him.

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goatmaster said...

I think about this stuff all the time, especially now that we have kids. Btw, I'm pretty proud of the fact that when you ask Olivia what Christmas is, she will tell you "It's Jesus' birthday!" Still, that doesn't mean anything if I don't teach her more as she gets older and set an example against materialism through my life and in our family.

The responsibility of guiding my kids right literally keep me awake at night sometimes. I'm sure you'll start having the same experiences before too long...