Monday, August 28, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things

I have been enjoying buying new stuff for the house. Some things I have been buying are not needed things but things I have wanted for a long time and have just never bought them. These things are simple things that just make life better and are the things I enjoy the most. I will profile three of those things in this post.

1. Porch swing. I did not buy this it was already with the house. It is so nice to be on the porch in the swing, just swinging my life away (not this type of swinging just to clarify). I do wish I could play the guitar (or guitfiddle) because that would be the ultimate - on the porchswing playing the guitar and singing with Aunt Bee and Opie by my side. (that show is my second all time favorite TV show, I wish my life was like the show)

2. Wind Chimes. I really like the sound of wind chimes, it reminds me of growing up and being in the country and simple times. Some are annoying but this one is really good. Lowes has all their summer things half price right now so we got it for half price. I wish I knew how to make a recording and put a link on here so you all could here it. But since I can't I will describe it.... Dong, Ding, Dong, DONG, dong, ding, ding.

3. Rain gauge. Another half price Lowes purchase. This just gets me one step closer to being a meteorologist. Seriously, I would like to be one of those weather watcher people that they talk to when they are doing the weather on the local news to find out what is going on around the area. If you can see in this picture, it has 1.5 inches of rain in it that we got yesterday. We have got 8 inches of rain the past couple of weeks. One day it rained 4.5 inches, that is a gulley washer!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family get together and the new farm animal

I know it has been a while since I have posted but it has been pretty boring around here. All I have been doing is building fence. But, last night my (Josh) family came over. My sisters kids (Patrick-6, Isabelle-5) flew in the other day and are staying with my parents for a week. So, my parents and the two kids and my brother and his two kids (Lincoln and Keylor) came over. We had dinner and went fishing. It was a pretty good time. The kids had a good time fishing, they caught a bunch of bream. I think I need to have a new contest. The 'Catch a Catfish' contest. There are tons of catfish in the pond but we have yet to catch one, the bream get the bait to quick. We also got a few chickens the other day- 2 roosters, 3 hens, and 7 baby chicks. They are a lot of fun. They have already began laying eggs. The roosters has been crowing also which is a great sound, when you hear it you realize you really are on a farm. It does get a little annoying when it wakes you up at 6am.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Winners, inbred cats, and the newest farm animals

Well, we have decided on the winners for our cat naming contest. Although, in reality we may just end up calling them both the universal name of kitty. But we are going to try out the names we have picked and see how it goes. So, here we go- And the winners are.... Dylan and Molly for the name Fanta for the orange cat and Gary for the name Spot for the calico. Now the big job is deciding on a prize for the winners. Maybe we will send you a kitten from our first litter of kittens when we have some. There might be a problem with that though because we think Fanta is a male and Spot is a female and if this the case then they will most likely get it on kitty style and have kittens. The problem is they are brother and sister so they will be inbred kittens, I guess we have the makings of a true Arkansas farm with inbred animals. When we decide on a prize we will send it your way, so Molly and Dylan please e-mail us your address.

Here is a picture of what our inbred cats might look like.

We have new additions to the farm. GUINEAS!!!! We got them last weekend and I am very excited. I really like guineas and I like the sound they make when they get scared or excited, it makes me happy. They are really good animals to have around. They eat all kinds of bugs including ticks and the will kill small snakes and mice. They also make great watch dogs because they make a loud shrieking sound when a predator is around.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello Kitty

We got some new additions to the farm this weekend. I will only tell you about one of them and leave the others for another posting. How suspensful!!!! So, the ones I am going to tell you about are two kitties. They are not kittens and not adults, they are more like adolescents. Anyway, Margo is very excited and happy. They are cute. They are a little wild because they were just living in a barn of a lady I work with so we are trying to tame them a little so we can pet them. So, I will post some pictures of them and we will having a naming contest. This may not work if only like one person reads my blog (John). All you have to do is suggest names in the comment section and if your name is chosen, you will win a prize. There are two kittens, so you can suggest just for one or for both and disignate which kitty the name is for. One kitty is white with an orange head and an orange tail. The other is kind of a calico, it is mostly white with yellow and black/gray spots.