Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. I know ours is extra special this year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Esther Update - Rolling Over

Esther is growing up fast. She is really starting to get a little personality. She is starting to react to us a lot more which is fun. It is really easy to get her to smile and giggle at us. That is pretty much all we do these days, try to get Esther to smile and laugh at us.
A big thing happened today with Esther. She rolled over for the first time!!!!!!!! She went from her back to her stomach and then kept rolling the same direction back onto her back. She did it today at home with Margo and she called me at work she was so excited.
I know everyone thinks their baby is the best but I really think we got the best kid in the world. Esther is such a great baby. 99% of the time she is happy and content wherever she is. She is good when we leave her with other people, we always get comments about how happy and easy she is to take care of. She is super smiley and super cute. And she sleeps through the night which is awesome. We absolutely love her and love being her parents.

One great thing about having a good friend watch Esther during the day is that she truly cares about Esther and is just not caring for her. And she is excited about all the new things that Esther does and all the cute moments. One amazing bonus about Kristy is she likes to take pictures and video. So, she has been sending us pics and video of Esther while she is keeping her. This has been such a blessing and a huge deal for us.

Now for some pictures. WARNING: Extreme cuteness that you may not be able to handle.

Here is Esther sleeping at Kristy's

Esther has started sucking and chewing on her hands all the time. Seriously, does it get any cuter.

Here she is checking out Kristy's Christmas tree

It was super cold on Sunday so we got to bundle her up in a super cute warm clothing thing.

Here she is today, being happy

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Esther Update

Sorry that we have not been updating very often lately. We have been extremely busy with some things going on around here. More on that in the future. For now, I thought I would give you an Esther update.
She is growing like kudzu. She is starting to get a little personality. She coos a lot, grins and laughs, plays with her toys, and more. She has started doing this really cute thing where if you are holding her, she will smile really big at someone else, and then turn her head and bury it in our chest like she is bashful or flirting.
Last week was the first week with both Margo and I back at work. Margo is going to work part time (three days a week). We decided to leave Esther with a good friend of ours, Kristy, while we are at work. It was kind of hard/sad to leave her there for the first few days but we are getting used to it. It feels like there is someone else raising your kid and that you are going to miss something. But, I would much rather that person be Kristy than a random person at a daycare. I think she is probably getting tired of me calling a couple times a day though.
She had her 4 month doctor visit today. She weighs 14 pounds (50th percentile) and is 24.29 inches tall (40th percentile). She has definitely grown since her last visit.
Now for pictures!!!!!!!!!

Here is Kristy with Esther

Here is Kristy's daughter Sophie with Esther. Sophie started kindergarten this year so it worked out perfect for her to watch Esther.

Last week for Thanksgiving we went down to Waldron and spent the day with my parents and my aunt and her family. But, we made a little detour down to Mena on the way to see some friends. This is Esther being inspected by Audrey (daughter of our good friend Sarah)

Here we are on Thanksgiving

Here is Esther in a new shirt that was sent to her from good friends of ours, Dylan and Molly, who live in India. It is really cute.