Friday, February 25, 2011

7 months!

Esther turned 7 months old on Tuesday. She has grown up so much in the past month.
She now sits completely unassisted. She will sit and play with her toys for long periods of time.
This week she started crawling. She was already pretty mobile--rolling, scooting, inching around. But now she can really go wherever she wants! She loves to pull the DVDs off of the shelf.

She loves baby food, and will eat a ton! She is such a happy baby and a joy to be around.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Return of Learn to Farm

This could also be titled, I am doing a lot of hard work if anyone wants to help. This weekend is going to be all about getting fence up at the new place. This includes clearing fence line, moving some fence, taking down old barb wire, putting up new posts in places, and putting up new fence. If anyone is interested on learning about putting up fence or helping put up fence, let me know.

By the way, spring is almost here. I heard the peepers for the first time last night. Click here for a sample.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

From our sweet little Valentine.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snowpocolypse Now

For those of you who don't live in NWA, we got a crazy amount of snow today. At our house, we got 18 inches. Some areas got up to 24 inches. It set the all time record for snow in a day and we should break the record for snow in a year also. It is amazing, and annoying. I thought we would post a couple of quick pics of us in the snow.

I know we have not blogged in a long time. We have had tons of people wanting to see before and after pictures of the house. I promise it is coming. It is just going to take more time than I have tonight. We are still working on finishing up stuff on the inside of the house and that takes up most of our spare time. As soon as the snow is gone, we will start on the farm type stuff. So, stay tuned for the house posting.

Now for pictures.
This is Margo's car.

Here is our dog, Jake.

And Macy

Margo stood Esther up in one of the truck tire tracks to show how deep it was on her.

Margo standing in the snow.

Me and Esther.

I also wanted to share a picture with you from last night. We went to a John Travolta themed skate party. It was lots of fun. Esther wore her CareBear shirt and a flower headband. We are not big fans of the big flower headbands on a baby girl thing usually. But this one is really cute and it kind of made her look hippyish I think so that was ok with us. I have to say, she was super cute and a hit at the party.