Monday, November 12, 2012

#1 and #2

A few months ago we tried to potty train Esther. According to all the potty training gurus she met all the "readiness steps".  But even though according to the experts she was ready, she had not decided she was ready.  She is too smart for her own good sometimes and so she would deliberately hold it until naptime or bedtime and then just go in her diaper.  When she couldn't hold it that long she would only have "accidents" when there was no way we could get her to the potty quick.  So, after 4-5 days of that with zero success in going in a toilet, we decided to stop.  Since then she has made some strides in going in a toilet at daycare but still would refuse to go here at home even with our promises of great reward if she pee-pee'd or poo-poo'd in the potty.  We decided that she was one of those kids that just had to decide for herself that she was ready.
Well, yesterday she decided she was ready.  She has been telling us when she needs to go and peeing and pooping in the big commode like crazy.  Even though I am a nurse and deal with pee and poop everyday, this is the most excited I have ever been about it.  It is so crazy that a switch just flipped one day and she decided to do it.
I wish I had a picture of her on the commode to share on here but I don't.  However we did go get some cheap studio pictures done today at the request of my mom so I can share one of those.

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