Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update: Couple of Videos

Let me start off by saying that I am really really really going to try to post on this blog more often.  I get busy and don't think about it but I really want to.  A month or so ago I read back through a bunch of old posts on the blog from several years ago.  It was great reliving all the things we had experienced and written about (and even forgotten about). It is a great record of our lives. So, I am going to try to give updates more often.

Esther and Clara are growing up fast. Esther is now 2 1/2. She is a typical toddler, lots of fun with meltdowns thrown in. She continues to be very smart. She can count to 20 and say her ABCs. She is learning what letters words start with and learning to write a few letters.  She loves to read books and has a pretty big vocabulary. She has a great memory and recalls random things all the time. She loves to build with blocks, color, play with her kitchen and food, and take care of her babies. She goes out most days to help feed hay and check on the goats. She is definitely not outgoing though and is really reserved around new people.  It takes her a long time to warm up to people. Even though she smiles and laughs for us all the time,  she will hardly do it for other people.  Her personality is definitely more like her daddy's and therefore I feel like I "get her".

Clara is 14 months old. We still think of her as a baby, but she is really a toddler these days. She thinks she can do whatever her big sister does. She loves to be outside and see the cats, dogs, chickens, and goats. She still doesn't say many words, but her comprehension is really high. She understands everything we say. She follows instructions and knows everything we do. She is learning more words and sounds everyday and is finally starting to try and say some things. She knows most of her animal sounds. She loves to eat (though she only has 4 teeth) and sleep. She loves to stack blocks, read books, play with their kitchen, and play with her animals and dolls. She is ornery and emotional. She pesters her big sister, steals her toys, knocks over her blocks, pulls her hair, etc.  She is super fun and definitely a people person. Her personality is definitely more like her momma's.

They are both lots of fun in their own ways. They are busy and keep us on our toes.

Here are a couple videos of them.
This is our normal routine after bath time. Playing in Esther's room.  Esther gets really hyped up after bath and before bedtime and it usually involves her running around, dancing, and singing.We have no idea what she is saying/singing here except for the random "pink pj's".

And here is Clara saying Esther.  It is the cutest/funniest thing.  It kind of sounds and looks like she is sneezing but she is saying Esther. We get her do it it for everyone because of how great it is.


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