Sunday, May 05, 2013

First Bike

Last summer we got Esther a tricycle that she did pretty well with and we got it out again a couple weeks ago when it started getting warm and she was doing really good with it so I thought it might be time to move her up to an actual bike. As a side note we had a parenting win....when we got Esther a tricycle last year we also got her a helmet. Even though there is really no danger in her falling because we were always helping push her along, we always made her wear her helmet and told her she can never ride without it.  When we got the tricycle out a couple weeks ago after not riding for a couple months, I forgot all about the helmet.  When I got out the tricycle and she got on it I told her to start pedaling and she said no. I thought maybe she had forgot or something so I started trying to push her to help her and she said, no I can't ride without my helmet. Parenting success!!! Now back to the new bike, last week I decided to buy her a new (used) bike, her first real bike.  She was pretty excited about it but I think I was even more excited for her. When I was a kid, my bike was a huge part of my life. I rode it all the time (and got hurt on it all the time). My brother and I made up a game called cops and robbers that we played on our bikes that was a little dangerous.  When I was a little older, most afternoons in the summer I would go ride with my friend who lived a few houses down (which is a mile or so away in the country) and we would ride all over the place for miles and do all kinds of stuff. To me, my bike equaled a little bit of freedom and that was amazing for a 12-15 year old. So, I am excited for Esther to have her first bike, because I loved riding bikes when I was young.
We took her out to ride at a planned subdivision that has not been built yet but has the roads in, which was perfect. She did really great for her first time on a real bike.  She pedaled well and did good steering.  Her only problem was braking to often because with her tricycle when you pedal backwards it does not do anything but on the bike when you pedals backwards it brakes. She had a couple crashes  which is inevitable and she cried a little but she got right back up and kept going. And we know she had a good time riding because when we decided it was time to go home, she had a meltdown because she did not want to go.

Here is Esther on her little bike.

 And not to be left out, we brought Clara's little car for her to ride on. And she had to have a helmet like big sister.

Here is an additional funny picture.  We tried Clara out on the tricycle but she was not quite big enough yet so she just started flintstoning it. And of course, Esther thought she needed some assistance. 

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