Saturday, July 06, 2013

First Fireworks

This year we were not able to have a big 4th on the Farm celebration.  With us moving in a couple weeks and some other stuff going on we were just way to busy to do anything big.  But we were able to have a few friends over and have a good time. The biggest event of the night as usual was shooting fireworks. But this year it was not because of how big or amazing they were. In fact this year is the least I have spent on fireworks in a long time and did not get anything big or amazing. And we were done shooting fireworks by 8pm, long before it got dark. What made this year's fireworks one of the best was that our girls got to participate. Fireworks are one of my favorite things so it is a big deal to me for our girls to enjoy them and get to have fun with me shooting them. They are not able to do much yet but they enjoyed what they were able to do. I was secretly worried that they would hate fireworks and cry and not want any part of them but that was not the case.  Esther did lots of sparklers mostly by herself and she helped me hold and shoot some roman candles.  Clara is still a little small to do to much on her own but she enjoyed watching all of them and she held a sparkler with me a couple times.

Here are some pics of Esther doing some sparklers and a roman candle


And here is a collection of Clara reactions from the night.  She has always made the best faces.

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