Saturday, July 29, 2006

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Today we decided to try out our pond. We were told by the previous owners that there were lots of fish in the pond. I used some hotdogs for bait trying to catch some catfish because we have seen some big catfish in there, but I did not catch any. What I did catch was a bunch of brim and a small bass. Every time I cast out into the pond, I got a bite within a minute. One time when I was reeling in, because something stole my bate, a bass bit on the hook, no bait, just the hook. It was amazing. Later on Margo's parents came out to celebrate her mom's birthday and her dad brought out his fishing pole and caught a good sized bass. Anyway, it was a lot of fun because the fish were biting so good. For any of you single girls out there that read my blog and have never seen such a manly and irresistable body as mine, I am married, sorry. I also put a pic of Margo and Jackson (Margo's nephew(Chris and Megan's kid)(how many paranthesis can you use in a sentence?)) and our dog Macy.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Building Fences with a Preacher

I have been putting in fence all this week and tonight we finished putting in the post for one side of the property. The next step is putting up the wire on Saturday. Anyway, tonight I had help in putting in posts from my pastor. This is a weird statement to me because we are helping start a new church and calling him my pastor still seems odd. Anyway, I had hoped that having someone assist me who is probably on better terms with God than I am might help protect me from falling trees. I also hoped that since faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, that he might have enough faith to move the post into the ground without any trouble. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The help was still greatly appreciated, although when you have a preacher around you can't really cuss at the posts for not going in straight which at times is hard to refrain from. So here are some alternate phrases for you in case you are ever in this situation.

Freaking Post
Son of a Jackel post
Dang this post.
Kiss my butt you darn post
Rott in hades you piece of crap post

Let me tell you, it feels a lot better to use the real words.
Anyway, if any of you want to help put up wire we will be starting about 8am on Saturday and you are all welcome to come and you can try out some of my new alternate cussing phrases.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house.

Here are a couple of pics of our house and a pic of our pond which has crazy fish in it. The house is built out of cedar logs. We really like it. We hope all of you can come visit sometime.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Death by Tree

Well, we finally have decided to enter the blogging world. We thought we would start blogging since we have a farm now. By the way, in case you did not know, we have a farm now, I will try to post some pictures of it later. I thought it would be fun to make the blog mostly about making a farm and all the things that go into it, the good and the bad. Of course, we will share other things from our life other than just farm things. I hope this will be a blog that is interesting, entertaining and keeps you informed of what is going on in our lives.

Here is the first story I wanted to share from the farm. Our farm consist of a very nice log home, 10 wooded acres, some outbuildings, and lots of ticks and chiggers. My first job to make our new place into a farm is to put up fence so we can get some animals. So, yesterday I was putting up fence post and clearing out a fence line. I was cutting down trees that were in the fence line and I decided to cut this tree that was dead. I started cutting it and when I had almost cut through the bottom, I began to push it so it would fall in the direction I wanted it to. When I did this, the top part of the tree broke off and fell down onto my head. It stunned me for a little bit but it did not knock me out, Margo saw the whole thing. My head is very sore today and hurts badly if I yawn, laugh, or smile big. I have always wondered when something like this happens if your life really does flash before your eyes. Not for me it didn't, here is what went through my head in that split second when it hit me and I thought it might kill me: "I am fixing to die and from a tree falling on my head, this would be the most crappy way to die ever, DEATH BY TREE" How lousy of a death would that be. At least give me a car crash or a homicide, or even better having my entrails cut out by my enemy while yelling FREEDOM. I am just worried that I have inherited my brothers accident proneness. Anyway I thought it might make for a good first blog entry. Here is a picture of what hit me square on the head. The tree that is still standing but leaning is the tree I was cutting and the piece of tree on the ground is what landed on my head, it is about 11 feet long and about 6 inches in diameter.