Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Want to help people?

This message is mostly for those of you who live in Northwest Arkansas. Last night we volunteered at LifeSource. It is a really great non-profit in south Fayetteville. They do lots of different kinds of stuff to help those in need. They can always use volunteers and donations but we came across one easy way that all of you who live around here can help with. They get eggs given to them by a local company to give out to people through their food pantry that helps those in need of food. The only thing is that these eggs come in bulk and not in individual egg cartons. LifeSource has to buy egg cartons to put these eggs in to give to people. This takes away money that they could be using for better things. I was hoping that I could get all of you to save your egg cartons instead of throwing them away and take them and drop them off at LifeSource for them to use. This is a really easy way to help LifeSource help those in our community that are in need. I hope you all who live around here will consider it and tell all your friends, churches, small groups, co-workers, gun clubs, book clubs, families, and any one else you can think of to help. You can even give them to us when you see us and we will deliver them for you. Please help in this simple way and consider doing even more to help those in your community that are in need.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you ready for some wood?

Well, it's fall again and that means it is almost time to start having fires in the fireplaces. And guess who has wood to burn in those fireplaces? That's right, the Farm of Hale. I have several ricks of wood for sell at $40 each. I don't deliver so you have to come pick it up. It is mostly oak but there is also a little bit of hickory and elm in there as well. Let me know if you want some.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long Time No Post

It is not that nothing has been going around here, it is just that I am not sure what is blog worthy. So I will just hit on a few things in this post that have been going on.

One of the turkeys died (mostly because I killed it). It got sick and was not getting better, I am not sure what was making it sick. I decided to go ahead and put it out of it's misery. So, we are down to one turkey. I have discovered that I really like having turkeys, they are very interesting. They make funny noises and are easy to take care of. The one that is left hangs out with the goats all day.

Last weekend we went down to Mena with some friends. It was a really fun trip. One of the highlights was having to push the train while we were riding it on the mountain because the tracks were wet and it would not go up the hills. If this does not make sense to you (probably only Mena people will understand) then ask me about it sometime and I will explain it.

We bought some new chickens. A raccoon had killed a couple of ours so I decided to buy a few new ones. One of them is a Wyandotte which I have never had before. They have really cool markings on their feathers.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Holiday Birds

A son of one of my friends at work showed turkeys in the Washington County Fair this year. After the fair they were looking to get rid of the turkeys so I decided to take them off their hands. I have never raised turkeys before but I figured it can't be that hard. There are two of them and they are pretty big already. I feel kind of bad for them. These turkeys are just used for meat and when they are young they have their talons clipped and their beaks trimmed. Their only purpose is to get big quick by eating a lot of feed and be eaten, which is fine I guess but I still feel bad for them. I wish at the least they didn't have to be messed with. Anyway, I figured I would experiment with finishing raising them and butcher them this fall. I am always up for trying out new things. Here they are...