Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Party

Saturday evening we had a little party for Esther's first birthday. She has not told us who her friends are yet so we just decided to invite our friends over. Our friends Billy and Savanna let us have it at their place since our place is a little small. We are so thankful to them for letting us invade their house. It was pretty fun overall. Although it seemed like we should have been doing more since it was a bday party. But Esther can't do a whole lot so we can't play games and stuff like that. So, we basically just sat around and talked.
Unfortunately for Esther, she was sick and did not get maximum enjoyment out of her party. She was still running a fever from her ear infection and basically just sat in someone's lap with a straight face. This is highly abnormal for Esther, she is normally smiling, talking, and on the move. We felt very sad for her. When we got her home she had a 102 degree temperature and that was with tylenol on board. She is a tough cookie. Hopefully the antibiotics knock out her ear infection and she feels better soon.

We are not really big on Esther eating sweets. But we finally decided we would let her have cake for her birthday party. I don't think she enjoyed as much as she would have if she wasn't sick. But she really liked digging around in the frosting.

Here is her little cake after we decided she was done with it. As you can tell from her eyes, she did not think she needed to be done with it.

We told people not to bring presents but it is hard for grandparents and some others to resist.

This is a picture just to show you how Esther felt, her face says it all.

Margo and I decided we wanted to get her something for her birthday that would last her a long time and hopefully she would still have it to give to her kids. We really enjoy getting her this kind of stuff. One of our close friends who just had a baby had a kids rocking chair that her parents gave her when she turned one. We really liked this idea and decided to do it. As you can tell, Esther loves the rocking chair.


kate said...

Happy birthday sweet Esther! So sorry she had an ear infection. Olivia had the same first birthday experience. Boo. Glad she loves her chair!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Esther! Hope you feel better!

Dylan Fila said...

Sorry, that last comment was Dylan...

Mollie said...

When my girls was little my Granny and Grandpa bought both my girls rocking chairs and all the little girls have got to enjoy them. I think it's an awesome idea..She is beautiful..