Thursday, March 14, 2013

"I'm a Razorback"

Yesterday, Esther got to experience her first Razorback game. I obtained a couple tickets to the baseball game yesterday so I could take her. I figured baseball would be a good one because it is pretty low key, you sit pretty close to the action, and there is space to run around while daddy can still watch the game. It was a middle of the day game and a no name team so there would not be many people there for her to disturb if she decided to run around/have a tantrum. I was not sure if she would like it or not or how long she would last but I thought it was worth a try to see how she did.  She did pretty good for a 2.75 year old.  She lasted 2-3  innings although she mostly played in the fun chairs that fold up on her own.  She did watch some of the game and would clap when everyone else clapped.  She would make comments like "he did good throwing that ball", and "he's running",  "They're playing the Razorback song".  She also enjoyed seeing the cheerleaders dance on the dugout and she loved seeing the razorback mascot but only from afar. When he came close she was a little frightened so he kept his distance. She also really really wanted to go down on the field with the players. After a couple innings she was getting bored so we got a snack...popcorn, which I don't think she had ever had before (as some of you know we are a little protective about what food we give the girls).  She did not want to try it at first but after I kept eating it she gave it a try and really liked it.  I also offered her a sip of my soda (another first for her) but she said she did not want it and I definitely was not going to push that. She lasted another inning or two in the stands while eating a snack.  After that she was done sitting so we went a walked around the covered area and then out in the grassy area in outfield for another inning or so. She probably would have walked around longer but daddy was getting tired of just walking around and not watching the game so we we left.  Overall it was a pretty good experience, no meltdowns and she had fun. But I think she is still a little young to be very excited about actually watching the game or sitting there for a long time. 

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