Tuesday, May 22, 2007

They're Here

They are both males so when they get older I will sell them. Congratulations to Myrna at work for winning the office pool. For all of my non-work friends, we had a pool going on when the goat would have her babies. Everyone put in a dollar and picked a date. Myrna guessed right and wins $12.

Daily Bread

Our friend Brandy has started weight watchers to try to lose weight. To try to keep herself accountable she has been posting on her blog what she has been eating each day and how many points she uses. I find it very interesting to see what someone else eats during a day. I decided that just for fun I would post what I ate yesterday. I am not sure how the points work so I will just make up points according to how good the food was, the higher the points (up to 500) the better the food. I think all you fellow friend bloggers should post what you eat for a day also, just for fun.
Monday May 21
Sweet Tea -1 cup: 300 points
Orange Juice- bottle: 200 points
Bagel with Butter: 350 points
Lunch- at the VA cafeteria
Tea- large cup: 150 points
Pork loin- 250 points
Black-eyed peas- 250 points
Mashed potatoes and gravy-200 points
Supper- Margo is out of town so I had to cook for myself
4-5 chicken strips: 200 points
Hash Browns-large helping:350 points
2 sister shubert dinner rolls:450 points
Large glass sweet tea:300 points
Late Night Snack
2 hard boiled eggs: 250 points
2 handfuls of teddy grahams: 300 points
large glass milk: 500 points

Total Points 4500

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Home

We have a new home!!!! Now don't get all excited and get your panties in a wad. We still have the same home, we just made it look like new today. Today was the day of treating the outside of the house. For all of you who don't know we live in a log home and every 2-5 years you have to treat the logs if you want to keep them looking good and to last longer. If there is anyone reading this that wants to try to find the least possible fun thing to do on a Saturday, I highly recommend treating a log home. Here is a rundown of what we had to do: powerwash the whole house to get the dirt and mildew off, apply two coats of exterior wood toner/stain. The stain stuff is supposed to repel water, mildew and UV light which are all bad things for the logs. I applied the stuff with a sprayer and back-brushed it with a push broom. We finished the whole house today and part of the deck and it took about 7 hours. So, that leaves the rest of the deck and the shop to be completed hopefully tomorrow. The difference between before and after truly is amazing. I want to give a shout out to Cathy B. at work for letting me borrow her power washer.

Here are some pics.

This is before washing, the black is mildew stuff.

This is me applying the stain, the backpack held the sprayer.

Left is after applying stain and right is before. Amazing difference.

Here it is finished.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh Mother

I hope all of you remembered Mother's Day on Sunday, if you didn't go call your mom right now. For our grand celebration we had both sets of parents, my brother and nephew, and Margo's brother and his wife and kids at our house. We fished a little and then grilled and ate supper. Overall, it was a pretty good time. I just thought I would share some pics with all of you. Click here or the link on the side to see more pics of the evening.

This is Margo's family, the picture turned out really good I thought.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beef, it's what's for dinner

Raise your hand if you like beef. Seriously, raise it and wave it around like you just don't care. I know I sure do. Today we got another addition (temporary addition) to the farm. We got a calf. Margo's dad hooked us up with a Holstein steer from one of his dairy farmers. It is still pretty young. We are going to get it big and then get it butchered and eat him. The beef we raise will be so much better quality then what you can get at the store. Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to the old mcdonald farm. We probably won't get any more new kinds of animal until next summer though. I hope you can all come see the new addition soon. We are trying to decide on a name so any suggestions would be welcome. A couple we have thought of so far are Jody and Carl.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Snakes on a Farm

Well, summer is here. You know what that means. Besides me wearing a speedo. The snakes are out. I don't want this to deter any of you from coming to visit us, but I have killed 3 snakes so far. I guess that is what happens when you live in the country. The good thing is that none of them were poisonous. I have killed a black snake, a spreading adder otherwise known as a hognose, and a milksnake. I killed the milksnake today but I got a pic before I did.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Very Interesting

Here is a quote from a interesting story Martha posted on her blog that I thought I would share (click on the quote to read the full story. "Last year, spending in Iraq amounted to less than 1 percent of the total economy — about as much as Americans spent shopping online and less than half what they spent at Wal-Mart" It gives a little perspective. I find this interesting on two fronts. First, it is interesting for all the people who complain about the money we are spending on the war. Second it is crazy how much money we have compared to the rest of the world. I wonder how much good we could do for the less fortunate if we would quit spending so much money on stuff we don't need.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Anyone got any Pitocin?

One of our goats is about to burst like a huge pimple on a teenagers head. She is pregnant and we thought she should have had her babies a week or two ago but she still hasn't. She is huge. Here is a great pic to give you an idea. It is pretty impressive actually, usually a goat is about as wide as its legs are apart.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

We're Growing

We went to the Centerton Livestock Auction last night. We took three of our goats to sell. We made good money off of them but I spent more than I made. I bought some ducks and 4 goats. I am very happy with the goats. I bought 2 older nannies, 1 real young nanny and 1 young billy. I did not intend to buy the billy, I bid on it thinking it was a nanny and after I was the winning bidder I found out it was a billy. It's okay though because I decided to just keep it and use him as my billy for this year since I got rid of the other billy. The two older goats are heinz 57 brush goats and the two younger ones are boer cross. The funniest thing we saw at the auction was a mexican guy bought a turkey and to transport it home he put it in the trunk of his Honda Accord, it was awesome. I highly recommend checking out the Centerton Livestock Auction the next time any of you get a chance. Here are some pics.

Here is the goats I sold in the goat carrier I made.

The Ducks

The two older nanny goats

The young nanny and young billy (the close ones)