Friday, February 15, 2008


I was tagged by one of my favorite people, Kathy, to list 6 quirky things about myself. I guess you would call this a chain blog post. Someone makes a list and then "tags" someone else to make a list on their blog and therefore learn more about fellow bloggers/friends. We have found the lists on our friend's blogs very interesting so far. Things like Kristy and her comfort coke and pillowcase sniffing, Travis (high school friend) and his cardboard hatred, Emily and her prison obsession, Sarah's air typing, and Kathy's mowing. I did not realize how crazy people I know are. I told Margo that I don't have hardly any crazy quirky things that I do. She severely disagreed. So, here is the list of 6 quirky things about myself that Margo suggested.

1. I don't like to put q-tips in my ears dry, I have to wet them with water first. For some reason I hate the feeling and sound of dry cloth in my ears.

2. I don't like to hear girls peeing. I know that sounds a little odd since it seems like I should only be hearing Margo pee. But, at work, I have a small bathroom connected to the clinic room I work in most of the time. People use it pretty often. For some reason hearing guys pee does not bother me at all, but hearing girls pee kind of weirds me out. I promise it is a different sound.

3. I like for my toiletries to change with each new one. Like when I run out of shampoo and have to start a new bottle, I don't like to use the same kind again, I like to switch to a different kind or at least a different flavor. I don't mind using the same one some other time but not immediately after. That goes for toothpaste as well and if I got my choice it would be the same for soap and deodorant. I can use the same kind time after time but I really don't like to. Margo forgets sometimes and gets the same kind and I don't like it but I use it.

4. For some reason I hold whatever I am drinking in my mouth. This usually only happens when I am casually sipping on a beverage and not when I am chugging because I am really thirsty. I will take a sip in my mouth and hold it in there for anywhere between 5-20 seconds before I swallow. I am not sure but I may be holding it in there until it becomes the same temperature as the inside of my mouth.

5. I don't like the feeling of dry cloth in my mouth. I am not faced with this very often but when I it does happen, I freak out. Growing up when you would loose teeth and would bite down on a washcloth to help with the bleeding. I always had to wet it before sticking in my mouth. The main time I am faced with this now is at the dentist. I don't have the best teeth in the world and have spent a lot of time getting work done the past couple years. I don't mind getting shots in my mouth or them drilling or doing other work on my teeth but if they stick a dry gauze in to help keep my mouth dry or whatever when they are doing work, I will freak out. Luckily most of the time when they do this I am numb and can't tell but sometimes I am not numb and it about kills me. I get a terrible look on my face and break out in sweats. The dentist always thinks I am hurting or something but I have to explain that I just hate having dry gauze in my mouth.

6. I am an anti-packrat. I hate, hate clutter. I can handle temporary clutter like a stack of bills or dishes or clothes or with sentimental items. What I hate is keeping things just to be keeping them. If we are not using it currently, it gets thrown away or gotten rid of. I go through on at least a monthly basis and reorganize the house and get rid of stuff. I get rid of clothes we don't wear, things we don't use, decorations we don't use, movies we don't watch often. One of the big things I do that drives Margo crazy is reorganizing the kitchen. I will go through and try to make things more organized and downsize things. I get rid of kitchen tools/utensils we don't use, I only keep a small number of those free plastic cups, food that has been in the cabinets for to long gets thrown out. A lot of people's refrigerators are packed with food, drinks, condiments, and other things. Our fridge looks bare because I get rid of things we don't use or haven't used in a while and only keep what we need and are actively using. I am always bugging Margo, trying to get her to get rid of stuff and she is always trying to get me to stop getting rid of stuff. I am not a clean freak per say, I just don't like clutter and unused things lying around in closets, garages, and other places.

As for other people I want to tag to do this on their blogs. I would like for everyone who hasn't done it already to do it because it is very interesting. I especially am looking forward to Martha's, Trav's, and John's.


John Nelson said...

I find it interesting that most of your quirks are orifice-related.

I'm not sure I could limit my quirks down to 6, but I'll try.

Travis said...

I totally agree about girls peeing. It sounds way different than guys and I don't like it. I'll post a list of my own (likely with Kate's help) when I get back to OH.

sarah p said...

I'm still feeling the heebie jeebies about the dry washcloth in the mouth I TOTALLY get it.

We all got a big kick out of the wet q-tip thing. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of cleaning them out?

And the throwing out stuff all the time? You would drive me nuts, my friend. Dave would love to do that at our house. =)

Kristy said...

CRACKED up at the girls peeing thing. You're right, it does sound different. When guys pee, it sounds like they're standing on the top rung of a ladder, shooting down into the bowl. Seriously. Loudest freaking thing EVER. (Or maybe Russell is just gifted.) Girls...well, we just pee normal.

The dry mouth/ear thing is pretty entertaining too. I agree with Sarah. The whole point of a Q-tip is to dry your ears out. Not sure what a wet one does for you. That sounds kind of like a Wet Willie, which gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Good list! Quality entertainment. We enjoyed seeing you guys this weekend. =)

Megan said...

about the peeing thing, they are a different noise, and as a girl i am just the opposite. i don't like to hear guys peeing AT ALL. i spent many a lunch break at VA having to listen to that (bathroom right inside the breakroom and all). there's this one nurse's aide who, i think, pees hourly, but it's still sounds like a racehorse in there regardless. i always thought he should come out looking sheepish or embarassed, but either he didn't realize how loud he was (and frequent) or he didn't care. very odd man.