Monday, September 08, 2008

You Decide '08

Well, we made it back from our Ohio vacation and had to start back to work today. It was a nice vacation overall. It was good to see my sister and family and to see our friends Travis and Kate and their awesome girls. You can see some more pics from our time with Trav and Kate that they took and put on their picasa site, just click here. We had quite an eventful weekend after we got back. We found that our cows had picked up pink eye while we were gone. So, I had to get them all in our corral and give them antibiotic shots and I decided to try putting patches on their affected eyes. You can buy patches for this at farm supply places. It just glues on around their eye and helps keep dust, bugs, and light out of the affected eye to keep it from getting more irritated and help it heal. It was quite a event trying to get these patches on our non-tame cows. I eventually got them all on though and now we have a gang of cow pirates. I need to take a picture so I can put it on here for you all to see.
Now to the point of my title. I mentioned on one of my blog posts from our trip that I was not going to shave while we were on vacation to see what happened. I have lots of people ask how it turned out so I thought I would answer that question. We knew from past smaller experiments like this that it was not going to be very impressive. It seems I only made it halfway through puberty because I can't grow much of a beard and have a total of like 10 chest hairs. I wish I could grow a beard because I would if I could. Anyway, last night we took a picture of my poor mangy beard before I shaved. I then shaved a portion of it to see if I could pull off a hip goatee mustache thing and took a picture of that and then shaved it all off and took a picture. I thought I would post the pictures and see what you my readers have to say (of course you may not care and think this is all a childish waste of your time). So, vote for which you like the best and whichever wins might become my new look.

Here is the growth after 10 days, it is really kind of sad that this is all I could grow

Here is my "cool" goatee mustache thing, Margo says I look like a pedophile

Here is post shaving


John Nelson said...

Holy crap! I laughed really hard on the pedophile part! That's pretty spot-on!

Regardless of the pedophile-likeness, I still like the psuedo-stache and goatee. I think you should rock that out until you get arrested for being suspicious.

Kritter Krit said...

Oh my gosh, you totally DO look like a pedophile!! ...Yeah. That's definitely not the look you want.

The grown-for-ten-days-equals-twenty-hairs look is pretty special as well. Aww. You and Russ should hang out. Between the two of you, maybe you can grow one beard.

I vote Clean Shaven, baby! =)

P.S Sophie is STILL asking, "Mama, why did Josh trip me?" (The little stinker - she can't let go!) Glad you guys had a good time on your trip.

Paws To Consider said...

Hmm..the beard looks like a it's been rubbed up against an animal with mange...the pedophile look would be more convincing (not more attractive, mind you)if you had some long greasy stoner hair...I think you should stick to baby face Josh for now.

Brandy said...

clean--please for the love of god, clean shave!

kate said...

Wow- Margo is totally right!

sarah p said...

scary scary scary. the 2nd one is scary.

clean shaven is my vote. =)

margo is funny.

Marline (Mollie) said...

I must agree with Margo,